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    Confused about which DNS to use on WHM

    Hi guys, initially i setup dns on whm as
    (mydomain is a placeholder)

    Now i'm thinking wouldn't it be better to use google DNS?

    Or maybe i should use cloudflare dns?

    Since that is what i have set on my registrar site.
    Please advice.

    Also the email forward isn't working at all, and maybe this is related to that.

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    I am confused too What actually you want to set? Resolver name servers for your server ( one which is updated in /etc/resolv.conf ) or the Name Servers that should be set for each domain's DNS zone?

    Case 1: Use google DNS. That is a best option

    Case 2: You only can use and ( no IP address ), if you use the respective name servers to register your domains.

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    These are resolver, not nameserver. You need a resolver, whatever nameserver you use.

    Your nameserver would be:
    I recommend use of cloudFlare nameserver with minimum security level.
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    Ok so on resolver configuration i have:
    Primary resolver:
    Secondary resolver:

    I got this number from my hosting website here
    Should i change these to and

    Then on "Basic cPanel & WHM Setup" and in "edit DNS zone"
    i have and
    Should i change these to cloudflare's? (

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    I recommend using your provider's DNS if possible - in data center's it's usually quite fast.

    If you would like to do performance tests, I'd recommend using GRC's DNSBench utility.

    CloudFlare DNS is not a resolver, but something to point your domains at. If that's what you're asking, then use that on your registrar's provider.

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