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    Data base size in shared environment


    Are there any universal limitations on the size of the data base in shared environment? Or is that rather a matter of load a DB puts on a server? For example, my WP blog’s DB weighs around 25 MB. Is it much, is it nothing? I presume every host has its own policy, but speaking about a rule of thumb, what are the approximate limits (if something like that exists)?

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    25 MB shouldn't be a problem at all. Some companies add 500 MB limit but 25 is completely acceptable.

    One thing you should consider is that the support will most probably need to import the db dump for you on a console level.

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    Hard disks are cheap, processors are not. So most providers prefer to judge you based on how much CPU and RAM your database uses, although a larger database does require more power per query. Also, varying providers have varying means of tracking this usage, but purely on megabytes it's quite hard to judge which hosts would and would not be able to host your website.

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    25 MB is nothing, you can go with any provider and it should be fine. If it gets to more than a 1,000 MB. You might need to get a VPS to make sure you have your own resources to use.
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    Thank you! Now I'm sure I can keep blogging for quite a time without unpleasant surprises.
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