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    purchase a batch of ded IP's

    As a reseller i have a ded ip that i get from my primary host but i was wondering if i could do this myself instead of paying the markup that im sure they put on the service. My plan is to give my primary host my ip and have them use that, this way its paid for and i dont have to pay for it every year like i do now.

    Not really sure how that works anyway, do i buy a batch of IP's from a company? Are there companies that just sell them? I know you have to have a really good reason to have one but as a reseller am i allowed to buy a batch? And how expensive are they, i dont want to sit on inventory on the shelf forever and not have it make money.


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    If you use collocation services then - yes, you can purchase a block of IP's from DC.
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    ahhh got it..., im sure my host uses this service to maintain their servers for them. So if i do that i might as well not be a reseller and just be the host myself. Plus i would still need to pay the coloc ded ip service fee so its not much better than how it is now. I am getting a much clearer picture.. thanks
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    you can just change to a host tha provides more ips options for resellers

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    you either have ip space or lease them
    if you need more and can justify them ask you provider for more
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    You can't just buy a block of IP like you buy a domain name, they need to be justified, meaning the dedicated IP usage is really necessary.

    If you used enough block of IP, you can request your new block of IPs directly from ARIN and get your own ARIN handle.
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    If I am reading this correctly you have a reseller account with a webhost.

    If that is the case then NO. I highly doubt a webhost is going to add IP's you rent from someone else to their server so you can use them.

    Plus most DC's will not announce IP blocks smaller than a /24 (256 IP's)

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