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    Best blog service

    Hi there

    Only been on here just over 24 hrs but already learned so much! Thank you!!!!

    I now have my domain name sorted! yay!

    I'll be looking at hosting services soon

    But I wanted to get a feel of what people felt was the best blog service

    My Blog will be on a product area I'm passionate about and will include affiliate links to products to help pay for the site. I'll perhaps offer some advertising but not sure on this yet

    Anyway - whats the best options out there?

    Wordpress is most popular - and rightly so? Is it best to go with?

    SquareSpace is new and looks good but you have to pay. But is it worth the money> was recommended by someone on here and looks nice but few thing I don't like including if I ever change the theme I loose all of the content.

    Are there any others? Which of the above is best?

    I'm not technical in anyway so easy to you use, attractive and easy to add affiliates/ads are musts. I am getting logos and branding done by a designer so will need to add these but happy to use a theme that I will choose from all the templates available.

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    I think Wordpress would be your best option - easy to setup and lots of free plugins available to help you do want you want to do...
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    Best off just going with WordPress I'd say. It's a very mature and solid product that is easy to get support for. Very little rocks the boat, so to speak.

    Ghost will probably evolve into a big thing, but it's so new I wouldn't touch it due to the risk that things will change and cause a lot of extra work/maintenance for you. That said, they do offer a hosted option now (so does WordPress at

    SquareSpace is more for information/brochure sites and portfolios than it is for blogs. I wouldn't recommend it for this particular use.

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    Thanks QuickClickHosting and Ryan Williams - thats very interesting and helpful. I've been thinking the same thing! I'll wait a little while to see what others say in case there are any majors against but at the moment I'm in total agreement with you.

    Getting exciting now! Just need to settle on a host now! Thinking of Kualo

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    Wordpress would be recommended.
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    i'd say go with wordpress. wp is very customizable and has loads of features you can take advantage of. it also has a very active developer community and i'm confident it won't just die out like some other applications out there.

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    Wonderful guys! I think it's looking more and more likely that Wordpress is it! Exciting! Thanks

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    Yes - that's the right call.

    The last time I looked at Ghost, I remember not only being struck by how new it is, but also that it would be hard to run it on a shared hosting setup. Looking at it again, I see it needs node.js to run - which is not something that many shared hosts would offer at the moment.

    Wordpress is very versatile. I bit like getting a new smartphone, don't go crazy installing every plugin you see. Some of them are very badly written - one bad plugin can bring Wordpress to its knees. Even moderately well written ones can slow a site down once you've got too many. Work out what you really need your site to do, and get it doing that well.

    Keep your own backups, too. Especially before making any big modifications to the way the site is setup. You never know when you're going to wish you could go back to how things were half an hour ago.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks oak hosting James! Very helpful indeed!

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