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    Redirect Issue (through .htaccess)

    Hi Everyone,

    I have little changed in the design of my website, where i have to move one folder, which consist of 5 pages(5 files including index file) which i have to move same folder with only 4 pages into another folder and one file (page) to different folder, how shall i redirect the URLs

    The issue i am facing is as stated below:

    Redirect 301 /folder-old

    And now i even have to redirect one file from folder-old to something like this:

    Redirect 301 /folder-old/file1

    this which is not happening since complete folder-old is redirected before into another folder and so now its not redirecting one URL from the same folder to different folder.

    http i have not included for in the post due to this forum rules but yes i have included in .htaccess file.

    Please can anyone help me out with this?
    Thanks in advance...

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