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    Other hosting related sites?

    What are some other hosting related sites you guys/gals tend to browse on a daily basis like when your done with WHT in a d out for the day.

    Any blogs or news sites related to web hosting , servers , programming , web design , computers. , business start ups anything?

    I know about dp really don't tend to like it there .. There's also netflix lol but any suggestions idc if it's a discussion board or not but if it is please suggest active updated daily sites? I like to see fresh new content no what I mean.

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    Not exactly hosting, but more like a designers/developers community which has all sort of developers around and has good general advice related to IT world(I used to be into design) I use regularly is Webdesignerforum co uk (sorry the forum doesn't allow me to link till 5 posts). Also v7n forum is pretty related to the field.

    Hope it's some use to you.


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    I have another favorite site, it has the terms "Lord of Hosts" a lot. Does that count?
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