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    Best Location to host...In need of opinions

    What is the best location as far as Geographically to host to give members a mostly equal experience?

    Here is the demographic.

    Myself aka The Owner(American)

    70 percent are European(Most of them are in London with a couple scattered through Ireland, Russia, Belgium, The Netherlands and Scotland)

    The other 25 percent are American and/or Canadian

    The remaining 5 percent are in Australia/NZ

    Currently we are hosted in the US however i often do hear some minor complaints of load/lag times from some Euro members and I am considering a move to Eurovps which is located in Holland I believe.

    That should be a good move for the Euros since this is pretty much all in the same continent?

    However what about us Americans/Canadians?

    I was told that if i moved my site to Europe that could cause a degradation for my Aussie/NZ members as well.

    Any help is welcomed.

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    1.) Continental Europe is good for most Europeans. Great locations include UK, Germany, France and Netherlands.

    2.) Yes, US will provide AU/NZ members a better experience. Europe pings to AU is typically higher.

    3.) Unfortunately, you're facing the same problem most game servers face: geographic latency. You either have to split your US/AU/NZ and EU players to 2 different servers close to them, or someone has to live with the increased latency - you decide.

  3. Well going for an european location is a good start, try western countries, they usually have good routing to US/Canada.
    Also you should look into a CDN if it's a website.
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    I suggest you to hosted in Europe as majority of visitor
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    Agree with the above, Europe location would be best for the majority of your visitors, if you host with somewhere decent, you can get pretty good coverage of 100-200ms from the US to a Europe based server as well, Australia will be higher though. My recommendation would be to use a CDN as well to speed things up.
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    European Server hosting would be an ideal option considering your maximum users i.e 70% are european. CDN is also a good option to consider if you are ready to.
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    well you can go for European hosting with along cdn support

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    The best location would be in Europe. If most of your user are in London UK would be a good option.
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    What is a CDN and what is the best to choose?

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    You can host your site in UK, Netherlands or German. Most of your users are from EU. Also these countries have good connections with USA - Since 2012. Web Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers in more than 10 locations
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    CloudFlare is pretty popular and for starters it's free.
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    +1 for the CDN, that should solve (or at least alleviate) the issues for everyone
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