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    Servint: Recommended?

    Hi, I've narrowed my search down to three hosts(Either Servint, Knownhost or Eurovps...I know people who are using Knownhost and all are happy but I am curious about Servint and Eurovps). I've done research and I am continuing to do so but had a question

    How good is Servint? Does anyone know of them and is a good move for a new customer? I am looking for quality support from my company.

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    I've not used Servint, though WebHostingTalk is not shy of reviews for them:

    Overall, all those providers seem like quality operations and you'll likely be satisfied.
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    I never tested EuroVPS but I had a very good experience with servint long back. They had the best support I had come across on a managed host, especially I was a total noob back then, they did everything for me. I would certainly recommend Servint.

    EuroVPS has good reviews around as well, u may contact both the hosts & check out which meets your requirements.

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    KnownHost is good. Was with them for a couple of years. Shifted to FutureHosting now. They are equally good.
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    In my experience, knownhost provides better customer service than servint. Not that servint support is terrible by any means. You'd be good with either of those companies.

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