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    Unable to log into WHM

    Got an odd issue this morning. I was already logged into WHM and was trying to check webmail on one of my sites this morning and forgot I had recently changed it. When I tried the correct webmail password it still denied me.

    Thinking the firewall (CSF) had blocked my IP I tried the other tab with WHM open and added my IP to the allow list. Was able to save and restart CSF with no issues. But still can't access webmail or now WHM (I logged out).

    If I use a computer at work or use my VPN I can access webbmail and WHM without any issue. Using my home IP and I can not.

    While on the VPN I've checked that my IP was not on the Deny or Temp Deny list of CSF and ensures that my IP was still added to the Allow list. All looks good in CSF but I still cannot connect using my home IP. As soon as I connect to the VPN I'm in just fine.

    Is there another area my home IP could be blocked other then CSF? While on my home IP I can still access the websites just fine, just accessing WHM or cPanel is denied.


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    Check your Brute Force Protection IP list. Probably your failed log in attempt black listed your IP in the brute force list, not on CSF.
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    Yep, sounds like cPHulk to me.

    Usually you'd need some sort of console access to the machine in order to kill off cphulkd. Rebooting the box wouldn't do anything as the I.P. is stored in the DB. You could use a web-based tool to browse the server I.P. - if you can hit it, it's almost certainly cpHulk. Don't suppose you have local access from another I.P.? Maybe get a ticket in with the server provider and see if they can take care of this for you within their support boundaries.

    Edit: I missed that whole "VPN" part You can ps ax | grep cphulkd and kill the PID, see if that gets you in.
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    You guys are correct, cPHulk Brute Force was denying me. Added the IP to the whitelist and all is good again.


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