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    Hybrid hosting Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a hosting provider that:

    - has dedicated servers, custom configs (from cheap ones to very high end database servers)
    - VPSes (for extra scalability)
    - private networks with atleast 1gbs connections (between VPS and dedicated)
    - provision both vps and dedicated with clones / images via admin panel
    - "instantly" create new VPSes
    - has a data center in NL (Amsterdam)
    - and off course affordable ;-)

    We'll be running around 10 servers at first, but probably growing in the future.

    I know for instance Softlayer has such offers, but I'm looking for some more providers. I'm not specificly looking for offers, just want to know which companies offer things like this.

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    Hi Jasper,

    Has it to be Amsterdam or is any other NL region a possibility?

    What is your exact hardware requirements? Managed/unmanaged?
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