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    Arrow [FOR HIRE] Sys admin / FFMPEG / Web developer / Support/ Programmer

    Hi I'm finishing my master's degree in computer science specializing in Artificial Intelligence.
    I've administered a linux server for the last 5 years (bind, openvpn, sendmail, nginx).
    I'm proficient in PHP/Mysql and jQuery. Check out this jquery photo editor I built:

    I'm also a pro in installing ffmpeg and video sharing scripts.

    And a good java and python programmer to boot.

    I've worked as a freelance a few years back and am now looking for some more freelance work on my off time as I'm short on cash.

    I speak english and french fluently and I'm living France GMT+1

    10 / hour

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    What wil it cost for nameserver set op like ns1 and ns2 and get it to do it auto when an acc is made in plesk and cpanel

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    Hi kake1984 please add me on skype: stanfea to discuss details

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