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    Question High Quality, Secure, Fully Managed Opencart Host Needed.


    As the title says, I am looking for a high quality, secure, and fully managed Opencart Host.

    I have a merchant account and account.

    I have several ecommcerce sites I'd like to transfer to Opencart.

    I am looking for a host that can make sure Opencart is installed and configured securely. Obviously the Target data breech has made everyone stand up and take notice so I need to ensure every reasonable measure is taken to make sure the server and Opencart is locked down and secure.

    Thanks for any recommendations you can offer.

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    Make sure your future host makes frequent backups and will help you protect your stores and fix them for you in case the worst happens.
    I suggest you shortlist a few web hosts from the offers section, where the price and location fits you.
    Then hop on to their live chat and ask about opencart specifics (there isn't anything specific in hosting OpenCart, it is pretty much standard and with most hosts even you can have it installed for you with 1 click) and your specific concerns.
    Then pick the one whose response you loved the most.

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    OpenCart has a great list of partners which offer hosting. Check it out:

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    Do you have the budget for atleast a VPS or dedicated server? Depending on how much traffic each site gets it might make a difference on what you need in order to host your sites with good performance and reliability.
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