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    VPS SolusVM + XEN + OpenVZ How to?


    I need to setup a node with SolusVM + XEN + OpenVZ.
    How can i do that? It's reliable or not?

    Thank you.

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    Xen Visualization is hardware based so would be harder to setup, you'd probably need physical access to the server to do it. OpenVZ is software based and very easy to setup over SSH. I don't believe you can run both Xen and OpenVZ on one node at the same time?
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    I was thinking one node who can services both XEN and OpenVZ, or another plan.
    But you say that is better to have different nodes for other type of virtualizations, under one SolusVM.

    If i go from more nodes, WHMCS can handle the Master SolusVM, and SolusVM can handle the other nodes? I'm talking for WHMCS vps setup function.


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    One method of virtualization per node, especially with Virtuozzo/OpenVZ as the containers rely on the hardware node's kernel to function making other virtualization methods impossible.

    I've heard of people running OpenVZ containers and vzkernel inside KVM virtual environments - why I have no clue, but the general rule-of-thumb is one architecture per HWN.
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    I don't think you can get OpenVZ and XEN on the same box. It would most likely interfere with each other.

    Yes, I advise having OpenVZ and XEN on separate servers.

    Not sure if I understand you question, but are you asking if you can have both XEN and OpenVZ inside one SolusVM Management?
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    I understand that it is the fairest and better way, to be independent each VPS Virtualization type, per server.

    Thank you.

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    No, I'm talking about if software can control ever client/vps creation, with this order: WHMCS-->Master SolusVM-->Slave SolusVM.
    Now i'm running WHMCS at node1, Master SolusVM at node2, and if i go for a new XEN node, i'll running Slave SolusVM at node3.
    I don't know if WHMCS can handle node3 via node2 Master SolusVM or directly.
    That's all.


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