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    iDRAC vs. IPMI vs. iLO


    recently I was locked out (ssh) of my own dedicated server and I had to re-install the whole server and of course I lost some work. Someone told me to get a server with IPMI, so I checked some offers. But one provider offered different servers from different brands (HP and Dell) and so it's possible to get the server with iDRAC (from Dell) or iLO (from HP). Other providers use SuperMicro mainboards which use IPMI. Is there something I couldn't do with one system that I could do with another one. And which one would you personally recommend. Also which is more secure? And last but not least, do you know a good European provider which offers cheap dedicated servers with IPMI or iDRAC or iLO?


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    iDRAC and iLO are branding for the underlying tech (IPMI). As far as the basics go (remote KVM, remote power control), they all offer it (though you have to be careful with HP/Dell, as it may require additional licensing fees).

    There is no real security difference between them (they're all insecure in their own ways). Best practices are to either apply upstream ACLs to block all traffic except from authorized IPs, or put them on a private network.

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    To be quite honest, every KVM is pretty crappy.. you're never going to have a fun time using them.. especially not with 100Ms+ ping.

    That said, our company pretty much loves Supermicro and their KVM is what we use and that's what we stick to.

    I personally recommend getting a server with Supermicro KVM, but that's fully up to you. I've used them all and Supermicro isn't bad.. while Dell Enterprise DRAC isn't bad either it's still expensive.
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    Intel vPro AMT should be thrown in for comparison as well?

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    My personal favorite list:

    1. ILO Advanced (without Advanced License you don't get KVM/Virtual media)
    2. IDRAC Enterprise (the IDRAC Express don't offer KVM/Virual media)
    3. Supermicro IPMI (It feels like crap)

    The latest HP ILO works flawless and the software license is a plus. IDRAC does the job well too, but in case you want to upgrade from Express to enterprise you need to rack out - install controller - rack in, I don't like this. Yes and Supermicro did something to can compare to the premium brands, but it's really crap and can not compare with ILO/IDRAC.

    I know only two european providers that offer it for a cheap price: and Webtropia.
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    I really like the iDRAC in our R720's. It's not that bad to use although we do have the Enterprise version so we get the bells and whistles, but, it's like devicenull said, it's all IPMI in the end.

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    I Love IPMIv2

    The Best :-)
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    Definitely IPMI - works great and is extremely cost effective.
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    I'd recommend IPMI (free and usually works decent), though it's all quite iffy really. The security issues are also quite bad, make sure your provider puts it behind a VPN if possible and doesn't expose it directly to the internet.

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