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    * ★➜ UNMETERED ★ High Performance KVM ★ Dual Core SSD VPS ★➜ $9.99/mo★


    ★CFG VPS Features ★

    ★ Featuring Solid State Storage
    ★ Gbps Port
    ★ Redundant power backup
    ★ Automated generator system
    ★ Instant OS-Reinstalls
    ★ 99.9% uptime guarantee
    ★ No Contract
    ★ Full root access
    ★ Fast and helpful 24x7x365 technical support
    ★ Clean IP addresses
    ★ Premium bandwidth
    ★ Enterprise-class server hardware technology
    ★ Reverse DNS Included
    ★ SolusVM: Advanced, secured, frequently updated VPS control panel
    ★ KVM Virtualization Technology
    ★ FTP Backups

    ★ Dual Core ★Unmetered★KVM★VPS★SSD★

    ★512 MB Ram
    ★ 2 Core CPU ( 4 x 2.2 GHz)
    ★ 5 GB SSD
    ★ 5 GB FTP Space For Backups.
    ★ 1 IPv4
    ★ 10Mbps - Unmetered - Dedicated Port
    ★ Weekly Backups
    ★ Unmanaged
    Price :- $9.99/mo

    ★ QUAD Core ★Unmetered★KVM★VPS★SSD★

    1024 MB Ram
    ★ 4 Core CPU ( 4 x 2.2 GHz)
    ★ 10 GB SSD
    ★ 10 GB FTP Space For Backups.
    ★ 2 IPv4
    ★ 10Mbps - Unmetered - Dedicated Port
    ★ Weekly Backups.
    ★ Unmanaged
    Price :- $19.99/mo
    Click Here To Buy

    ### Extra Information
    - Own ISO Allowed.
    - Cpanel for $12 extra.
    - Extra IPv4 $1 extra.
    - If you have some custom requirement then please let us know.
    - FTP space is located on another server so that in case if something really bad happens , we always have the backups to restore from.
    - FTP Backups are maintained by the user.
    - We only make weekly backups.


    How long does VPS provisioning take?
    Server is delivered instantly after the verification is complete. We manually build every server and do certain checks regarding bandwidth and I/O tests.
    Please use correct billing information to avoid fraud check .If you do not receive an email after payment, please check your spam/junk folder.

    Is there any contract?
    No,You many cancel at any time.

    Which virtualization technology do you use?
    KVM. They are fully customizable and gives you complete control over as vps like a dedicated server. You can load any kernel on top of it and make it more secure by using iptables which cannot be done in open vz.

    What is this FTP backup?
    FTP backup is provided free of cost.Its located on remote location , so that user can backup the vps server and in case node failure or natural disaster happen. User does not loose their data.

    How much ftp space is provided?
    Its the exact same space of your vps ssd. If you have ordered Basic vps then your backup space would be 3GB.

    Can i get extra ftp space?
    Yes, However you need to pay $2 /per 10 Gb space per month.

    Can i get a sample Ip to check ping and route.

    Can i get a sample download file ?
    Sure, just open a ticket and we will provide you sample download link.

    What are Web Based VPS Management Panel Features ?
    + View CPU Utilization
    + View Memory Utilization
    + View Disk space Allocation
    + Start / Turn Off / Shut Down VPS
    + Pause / Resume VPS
    + Reboot / Hard Reset
    + Reinstall any OS within seconds.

    How about your support ?
    We completely understand that these servers are completely unmanaged and we provide node/vps support 24/7 during weekdays and weekend both.
    CFG Web Hosting Company, Haryana, India
    Premium CDN Based cPanel Hosting & Dedicated Servers
    Follow Twitter:@cfghosting - - +91.8988113379

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    Use "4timeswht" in the comment section while ordering and get 4 times the actual ram. Just mention in the comments while ordering and we will do the ram upgrade for life.

    Only 2 vps are left
    CFG Web Hosting Company, Haryana, India
    Premium CDN Based cPanel Hosting & Dedicated Servers
    Follow Twitter:@cfghosting - - +91.8988113379

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