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    Exclamation Installing Windows XP, 7 and Vista on same laptop


    I have 3 bootable partitions at my Acer laptop and earlier I was running XP and 7 successfully on 2 partitions and 1 bootable partition was empty. Then I installed Vista on 3rd partition but a strange thing happened that when I activate Win 7 partition (I always use EaseUs) then instead of Windows 7 always Windows Vista starts. Although all 3 XP, 7 and Vista are in 3 separate bootable partitions with no connection with each other.

    Then I thought that might be Vista is older than 7 so I should first install Vista and then 7. I did the same, I formatted Win 7 and Vista partitions, installed Vista from scratch and I successfully was able to switch between Vista and XP. Then I installed Win 7 on 3rd bootable partition but again same thing happened. After running Vista when I tried to boot from Win 7 again Vista starts.

    I use EaseUs to switch between partitions and from Vista when I activate Win 7 partition it goes fine without any error but when laptop is restarted instead of Win 7, again Windows Vista starts.

    Any tip why Vista is stopping Win 7 from booting? Which file to check?

    Any solution like I change name of Windows Vista's bootable file temporary to run Windows 7 and when I need Windows Vista I again change back that file name to original to run Windows Vista.

    Or any other solution where to check what's wrong?

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    I believe it has to do with the master boot record.

    Try this: Go to System Properties (I assume you know how to get there), click on the Advanced tab, and then click on Settings under the Startup and Recovery section. A new window should come up, and one of the options on that window is to choose the default operating system.

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