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    [UK] Netscaler 9000 load balancers x 2

    I have a pair of Netscaler 9000 load balancer/DoS appliances that are surplus to requirements from one of my clients and am looking for a home for them to put them to good use.

    Things they can be used for:
    - L4-7 load balancing
    - SSL offload (offloading SSL encryption from back-end web servers thus reducing cpu/host compute resource requirements)
    - Context switching (Hosting multiple websites from multiple back-end servers on a single internet IP - useful if you are short of IPv4 addresses!
    - Port forwarding from internet-IP ranges to private IP ranges (again, a way to reduce public IPv4 usage)
    - DNS services and GSLB DNS load balancing
    - DoS protection

    They are 2U boxes and consume around 0.8A each. You would usually deploy both into a single DC as an active/standby HA pair. They are running v9.3 firmware (latest available for this hardware model) and are running Enterprise edition of the software. Cost around 15k each originally.

    I'm considering two possible ways of disposing of them:
    1. You make an outright offer to purchase the hardware, either here or via PM

    2. A shared use arrangement where you provide colo (UK), connectivity, a handful of IPv4 addresses, and you get full use of the boxes for free under a shared use arrangement.



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    Last chance for WHTers before these go on ebay.

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