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    How do providers assign nameservers with one IP?

    If you are a VPS provider who has a VPS package available with a single IP, how do your clients use that VPS with nameservers?

    Assume I purchased a cPanel/WHM VPS from one of you, and I only have one IP address. Should I get an extra IP address from you as well, or is there a way to handle a single IP nameserver setup? How do I do that in WHM?
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    You can setup two nameservers with 1 IP Address.
    Give that single IP in both Nameserver Fields.
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    You don't really need to use 2 separate Ip's for the nameservers. If you are only given 1 IP you can just use that. Now I went through this and sometimes the registrar doesn't really allow that so then in that case you would need to get an additional IP.
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    Using nameservers on your own machine (and with the same IP as your server) is not recommended. Why don't you get third party DNS service from afraid.ord or cloudns for example. It is free of charge and very reliable.

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