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    Logonserver plans and services

    System Management: We provide full, proactive support for servers running various flavors of Linux, especially cPanel and directadmin servers. Upgrades, backups, restores, SSL Certificate installation, third party software installation, troubleshooting and optimizing the services for better performance are handled with skills and perfection. We do almost all things in the production sector for you.

    Server Setup: We will install OS, configure, optimize and harden the server and performing the initial setup (dependent on tools and control panel software).
    SolusVM and XEN setup: We are experts in installing and configuring solusVM master and slave setup, SolusVM integration, master to master migration, OpenVZ, Xen and KVM VPS migration between node to node, SSL installation for Master SolusVM and PowerDNS setup.

    Software Installation: We will install and configure ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, Memcoder, MPlayer, Ruby On Rails, openVPN and PPTP installation, any apache and php modules.

    Server management and webhosting support: We have great system admins who can take care of your servers from initial server setup and infrastructure management. We will take care of your webhosting company ticketing system and resolve the issue. Once you sign up with us we will take care of all your needs.

    Per ticket plan:
    As per this plan you will be charged per ticket that our system admin handles.
    • 1-25 tickets ($3/per ticket)
    • 25-100 tickets ($2.50/per ticket)
    • Above 100 tickets ($2/per ticket)

    However changes in the charge may applicable based on work nature.

    Shared team plan:
    Our shared plan provides the opportunity for the growing concerns in the hosting sector to enrich their customers with high quality support. We donít overload the team with by adding more and more clients to a team. Only 4 clients will be shared by a team at maximum and that also dependent on the ticket flow and nature. We charge $599* per month for a shared.

    Semi-dedicated plan:
    Semi-dedicated plans are for the concerns that need a well versed support with at considerable price. We charge $1399* per month for semi-dedicated plan.

    Dedicated plan:
    In dedicated plan, team will be given with a desk and they work only for you. It has two backup techs for every three techs, one regular backup tech and another emergency backup tech. We charge $2199* per month for this plan.

    Week-end plan:
    We take care of your work on weekends and provide you the opportunity to spend some precious time with family and friends. Almost week-end plans are oriented to shared plan and so we offer support at a privileged cost of $199* per month.

    We also provide custom plans according to the requirements; you can contact us through email [email protected]

    [email protected]
    * Variation in charge may applicable and thatís depends on nature of the work and flow rate. The prices mentioned can be negotiated.

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    We haved used their services for some part of our projects
    We were very satisfied
    IWS Networks - Your Web Solutions!
    HostPlay.Com - Offshore Fully Managed VPS and Dedicated Servers In Europe
    Reliable, 24/7 Premium Support, Fast & Stable Network, Multiple Locations
    Shared Hosting * Reseller Hosting * Semi-Dedicated Hosting * Fully Managed VPS and Dedicated Servers

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