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    * I provide remote Webhosting Support for $2 /ticket&Willing to work in any time zones

    I am looking to be hired as a full/part time Technical Support Engineer/Server Administrator. I have excellent work experience in Linux server support as I was working as a technical support engineer for one of the gigantic VPS provider.

    Hence, I have very good experience in managing/administration of control panels like cPanel, Plesk and directadmin.
    I am very flexible with any of the time zones that I may need to work in.

    Have very and fast and stable internet connection along with a backup data connection.

    Please feel free to contact me for more details.

    GMAIL : [email protected]

    Mainly Experienced in the below:

    1. Web servers: Apache, Nginx [Installation, Configuration and Fine tuning]

    2. Linux performance tweaking and tuning, patching and building

    3. Finding root cause of load in Linux Servers and taking appropriate steps

    4. FTP Servers: Proftp, pureftp and vsftp [Installation, configuration and administration]

    5. POP3/IMAP Servers: Courier and Dovecote [Administration level]

    6. SMTP Servers: Exim [Installation, configuration and administration]

    7. Finding root cause of Mail issues and fixing it

    8. Server monitoring tools: HostMonitor, KVM, Nagios

    9. Firewall: IPtables, CSF and APF

    10. Virtualization Techniques: OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, VMware

    11. Backup and restoration of data [starting from small account to full OS]

    12. Migration of data between servers and between control panels

    13. Enable support for PHP and MySQL

    14. MySQL database installation, configuration, and troubleshooting in Linux System

    15. Installation and Configuration of BIND

    16. Troubleshooting DNS issues for domain as well for server

    17. Proactive server management

    18. Installation and configuration of different softwares [eg. FFmpeg]

    19. Regular Security audits to find out the vulnerabilities of the system and suggest actions to improve the security

    20. Tweaking and tuning the server for fast response and service
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    * I provide remote web hosting support


    I am still looking for a permanent full time or part time position if anyone would like to talk further.

    I have years of experience in the hosting industry and I'm ready to start anywhere, anytime.

    Please put me a mail at [email protected]


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