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    In need of a good hosting name..

    I could be really nice if someone could come with some suggestions to a webhosting domain.

    Most end with .net or com

    A friend came with the suggestion "" but i'm not sure how good that sounds

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    The *something* or *something* road has always been a good one for me. For what the *something* should be: think of your goals as a company, what kind of service you plan to offer, maybe mythology or legends for a good sounding name? But down the line, it's your company and the name should be something of which you can be proud.

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    22,746 is available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bear View Post is available.
    I like that name.

    If the OP likes it, he/she'd best purchase it soon because someone may see this thread and buy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcclaimedHost Alan View Post
    I like that name.

    If the OP likes it, he/she'd best purchase it soon because someone may see this thread and buy it
    I am one click away :-)
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  6. #6 is a good name

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    Try something catchy and brandable.

    The design and domain of may be available here;

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    Sounds funny, but hey we all need a little humor now and then.

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    If you have a domain that you have though of and like it then piece of advice don't share it or post it online because if it's not registered by you yet it is possibly someone else that you shared it with or seen it will like it or who knows for any or what reason they will or can go and register it without you knowing leaving you not being able to register the domain you truly wanted. So if you think of a domain that is aValiable and really like it then don't share it with strangers it's best you consult to a friend to see if it's a good domain or ask any questions.

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    I do not think that this is a good choice dabahosting, it refers bad hosting in hindi language and does not have attraction in name.

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