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    Angry Hostmonster nuked my site & email!

    For 5 hours and counting, both my site and all of my email has been gone. Not just unavailable, but no longer there. I can log into the CPanel just fine. There are NO email accounts. Nothing in the File Manager. I can not log into my server using Filezilla.

    Hostmonster's response is that my files are still there, but there is a problem accessing them. It should be up and running in a few hours. That was 3 hours ago. Via twitter they tell me they are "monitoring the situation." Hostmonster has gone down the crapper in the last few months - ever since the migration to EIG's Provo servers. I went through this with Ipower as well back in the day.

    This is ridiculous. I'm going to switch hosts. I need something NOT owned by EIG. I'm looking at Arvixe right now.

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    Did they say if it was a network problem/outage or just your site?

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    Just my shared server

    They say it's the shared server my site is on - but I'm the only one complaining on twitter. It is Sunday, so maybe others didn't notice? IDK. It's been 7 hours. ETA is one more hour or so. Sigh. This is ridiculous.

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    Did you try to contact them via support ticket??
    May be your account was hacked and hacker deleted all the data. Ask Hostmonster to restore your account using any recent backup.
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    Ask host monster to restore your account with any latest back up if they have one if not then you'll just have to wait and keep your hopes up that they fix this situation.

    You say your going to switch hosts do you have a back up of your data that you are able to get and it's in your possession? If not then your going to have to hope host monster can fix this if not then at least restore your account to any back up if they have any .

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    I have.

    I've been in contact with Hostmaster tech support throughout the day. The first guy said something went wrong with the server and they were working to restore it.

    The second guy said all my files are still there, but something is making them inaccessible, and no, he didn't elaborate further.

    The third guy said about 2 hours ago that it would be another hour and a half. It's been two, and my site & email are still gone.

    As for content -- well -- I was able to salvage my SQL databases. I'm waiting for Hostmonster to finish their restore to see what else I can grab. I have most everything else backed up except for the last few months, so it shouldn't be too hard to start over. Just a PITA.

    I HATE switching hosts. I've been with Hostmonster since 2008. Before that, I got chased out of Ipower by EIG.

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    Arixe have a mixed reputation here, but mostly good. But if your looking for a host I recommend CrocWeb and FreshRoastedHosting, I've had a nice experience at both and still with FRH.
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    latest update

    The latest update from Hostmonster (after I called again to find out what was going on):

    The shared server crashed, over 200 accounts are affected (but I'm the only one complaining on twitter?? I find that hard to believe), they have two backup restoration programs running to restore the data, and it might be done by sometime late tonight Mountain Time.

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