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    Affiliate Programs

    Hi guys,

    We are concidering implementing an affialite program.

    Basically we are thinking of the following please inform me what you think is best and if it will work or not.

    Option 1.

    Get 100% sale value

    So for example if a referrer refers 1 client that buys a R99 plan the referrer gets R99 when client signs up and pays.

    Option 2.

    25% recurring amounts for each sale made forever.
    Basically a refer gets 25% of R99 for each plan every month for a year for every sale made. Basically they can work to getting a salary for a full year if they work hard in one month.


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    Hi, this seems very risky for many reasons, after how many days the affiliate can ask for withraw ?

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    It's tough to compete with other affiliate program. To really tap into this type of client generating affiliate program, you need to join a community such Commission Junction, LinkShare, and the like.

    But then again, you are competing with the likes of GoDaddy, 1&1, HostGator and the gang.

    It would be more compelling if you offer a reseller program instead of an affiliate.
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    The first option is quite generous, and will probably be too costly later on, so I would go with option 2, but make sure you put in provisions so that if the client leaves you aren't stuck footing the bill.
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    Depending on your MRC, you could do a flat finders fee like $100 per signup.

    Affiliates like the flat fees, vs percentage.
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    It's good to offer both types to affiliates, as some will enjoy smaller recurring vs. one-time credits. Affiliates will quickly be able to determine what's best by seeing if new customers are long or short term buyers.

    And as you run the program over time you may find affiliates leaning one way or the other. You can always alter the program based on the feedback you receive.
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    Both schemes mean you are giving them too much. 25% for life mean how much profit you make from your services ... Make it to start low and increase with the volume and time. - Web Hosting with DDoS Protection | Shared & Reseller in Europe/North America
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