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    Need some help on linux command

    I am using Centos 6 64 bit on my dedicated server. i have solus VM master on my dedicated server. I have created 2 VPS on my server on openvz by solus vm. I have installed whm-cpanel on both vps.
    Now i need the whole server usage details
    like i want to know the ram usage details of my whole dedicated server.
    i want to know the last 7 days report on the server which process used how much ram on which vps and on which account..
    how to do that? i want linux command for that

    i also need to know the procedure to know the processor usage details report.

    Thnaks in advance..

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    Well you can start by running 'top' on the physical machine.

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    Top will only show realtime if you would like to collect historical system information sar is a good command to help, there may be others but I find sar helpful, see this link for more information
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    google munin

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    SolusVM admin control panel has these graphs built in.
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    I'm sure SolusVM Admin CP has the majority of these graphs built in?

    You can run command free -m to see how much RAM you have free at the time, and top to see how much CPU is being used at that time.
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    see if sar is installed (yum list sysstat) check if there is a /var/log/sa directory - and it will have both raw and processed sar logs.
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