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    WAMP 2.4 - php5ts.dll keeps crashing repeatedly

    Hi all,

    Windows Server 2008 Web R2 64-bit
    WAMP 2.4 (Apache 2.4.4; MySQL 5.6.12; PHP 5.4.12)

    While the server appears to be serving websites OK, I'm seeing repeated Apache crashes due to php5ts.dll.

    Most of the things I found online about repeated crashing with the php5ts.dll file revolved around placement of the DLL file in the system32 folder, so I've tried moving php DLLs to the windows\system32 folder with no luck.

    Since Noon, I've had over 150 crashes (9 hours). It occurs all through the day, all through the night.

    What worries me a lot is that I had one page that was randomly not being served if I was logged into the website under a specific username - it would give me a 503 bad gateway error message. The moment I logged out as that user, or logged into any other user name the specific page would load perfectly fine. What I did notice is that when I would get the 503 bad gateway error, I would get the Apache crash error due to php5ts.dll. So if that means I've had 150 instances of pages failing to load because of this error, that isn't good.

    Any suggestions?
    Windows 2008 R2 SP1 x64
    Core2Quad Q9650; 8GB ddr2

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    Have you checked the error logs? It's on (wamp directory)/logs

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    Yes I have - it helped me narrow down the number of crashes, but it's scary the more I dive into it.

    I know that in some instances when a user gets a 503 bad gateway error message that I get the apache crashed notification.

    This morning I attempted to pull up my Gallery which I haven't viewed since I transitioned to this new server and set up the new WAMP instance. I was immediately presented with a 503 bad gateway error message, and noticed the Apache crashed due to php5ts.dll error appeared in my Windows and Apache logs.

    Come to find out, the username that the Gallery's configuration was attempting to use for mySQL wasn't configured and I needed to create a user for the gallery.

    So instead of getting some sort of database/access error message from the Gallery application, I was being presented with a 503 bad gateway error message AND it was crashing Apache!

    Since fixing the Gallery misconfiguration, the number of Apache crashes has gone down. Since 11:20am (2 hours), I've only gotten 24 apache crashed error messages. Before, I was getting hundreds an hour.

    That said - there was nothing in the Apache process log, PHP error log, or apache error log for the host which indicates that there's an actual error which is causing apache to crash.
    Windows 2008 R2 SP1 x64
    Core2Quad Q9650; 8GB ddr2

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    As I've remembered, I implemented some sort of "watchdog" batchscript (for my old nginx project), where the batch script will automatically start the php-cgi whenever it is crashed.

    I think that situation is the same and you can implement it if you can't find any other solution.

    This is an example of a batch script (that I found on the internet) which will restart the apache.exe whenever it is crashed.

    @echo off
    echo Starting server...
    echo [%time%] Apache >> "start.log"
    start /b /wait apache.exe
    echo WARNING: Apache is crashed. Restarting...
    echo [%time%] WARNING: Apache is crashed. Restarting... >> "start.log"
    goto bs

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    Thanks for the assistance! Thankfully though the Apache restart is (as far as I know) completely unnoticable to the end users. It instantly restarts when it crashes - which maybe that's what triggers the 503 bad gateway because the service went away for that millisecond while the service restarts?
    Windows 2008 R2 SP1 x64
    Core2Quad Q9650; 8GB ddr2

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