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    What script should I use when creating a website

    I am very new to the whole coding/ creating website thing but I am very interested in getting started. I want to create a social media site and wanted to know how I might do that. I've heard of people using Joomla to write scripts. Anything helps to get me started! Thanks!

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    You may want to look into Social Engine. It is a PHP Social Networking engine that is customizable.

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    Start with basic PHP, maybe take a look at Tutsplus (Web) which might have some useful resources, then learn a PHP framework which will allow you to skip reinventing the wheel for many things and use existing best practices.

    Note that writing any kind of web-application will take time and dedication, especially if it's new to you. Be prepared to rewrite things often and end up failing frequently, realizing that your old code is too bad and you probably should make a newer set of practices, etc.

    Good luck!

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    Also be aware that PHP is not your only option; you could also look into Django (based on Python), Ruby on Rails, and a few other choices. But colet is correct that no matter what you choose, it will take significant effort to learn. A social media web application involves a lot more dynamic interactivity than basic, static HTML/CSS pages. Would definitely recommend you start off by learning HTML/CSS (and eventually JavaScript) first. - Keep it Simple.
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    If you want to build a social media site from scratch, it will a lot of time and work. I advise checking PHPFox.
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    Well to create social media site, I also recommend you to use PHPFox because my one friend is using it and according to his opinion, It is very useful.

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    i wouldn't bother trying to code your own.

    just use a good script and then when you know how to code, make that script better, or then try and build your own.

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    elgg will be fine i think

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    Indeed I am hearing more and more about phpFox recently but I don't know if their prices are justified (the cheapest, Lite Version, has most of the functionality unavailable anyways).

    To be honest haven't looked into Social Networking scripts recently but previously Dolphin was an often used option (although it was quite resource-costly). Elgg is definitely a good choice also, might check them and compare to see which one will serve your needs best where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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    if you dont have a lot time, you can also use JCOW cms

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    Starting try PHPFox it is really useful and easy to understand! Hope it help. Good luck!

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    You'll need to know a bit of programming if you don't know already. Php will be most useful in this situation.

    Use a script like phpfox that will be your foundation once you have it installed you'd be able to easily customize and edit it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snoork Hosting View Post
    If you want to build a social media site from scratch, it will a lot of time and work. I advise checking PHPFox.
    I totally agree. You will not only need coding knowledge but also remember not to miss any security vulnerabilities. Not to mention a tidy designing is a must.
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    phpfox is better when compared to socialengine due the amount of server resources SE uses even just at startup.

    Your best bet is to use phpFox to develop your social networking community.
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    Are you sure you have what it takes to create a social network and compete with the like of Google and Facebook?

    I hope you have it all planned out already.

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    I also advise to look at PHPFox first.

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    dolphin will work . this is available in softaculous for easy install. this looks same as facebook

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    The OP never said he wanted to compete with FaceBook... There are opportunities for niche social networks.

    The "best" script you will depend largely on the features and expectations for your project.
    In my case, I went with Socialengine PHP. I spend about 6months looking at Dolphin, PHPfox, Socialengine PHP, Socialengine cloud, elegg, jomsocial (Joomla), easysocial (Joomla), buddy press (WP), moosocial, oxwall and some others that escape my mind.
    I went blurry eyed looking at them all, went back and fourth so many times it was crazy.

    My opinion.....don't let the script or technology decide what you use. This might seem odd, but if you want to build a community work from the community, backwards.
    Decide on the features that benefit your planned community best, draw up a list, compare the scripts and make your decision then.

    In my case, socialengine PHP, with certain proven add-ons was the answer. I couldn't quite find the same match of requirements with phpfox, but that's not to say you won't for your community.

    At the very least, I would run my requirements sheet against SE PHP, SE Cloud and phpfox.

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    Learning PHP language will be the best option.

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    I think that they need to have some kind of a target date and then decide how to get there. Learning PHP is going to take a while and besides the learning you have to worry about security holes.
    Just my 2 cents.

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    To be frank I just do not think that it is possible for a single person to create such a big social networking websites.
    You may start with basic and PHP would be best preferred scripting language for you.

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