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    Best Web host for a social media site

    I envision to create a social media site but was wondering who the best host would be. I know there are tons of hosting sites all promising the same thing but wanted to make sure I pick the best. For the website users will upload photos and videos so it has to support that as well as many other features similar to Facebook and Twitter. Thanks

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    If I will be in your shoes, I would first list what I need really then I will look for the host that has been in the industry for so long ( doesn't mean new host is bad, just my preference ), has a good network or data center, good support and my last would be the price.

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    You would need a strong established web host with a lot of bandwidth!.
    As net said it really depends on your needs.

    I think paying a little extra at the point would be a wise idea if you imagine your site to grow quickly (which is usually what happens with successful SM sites!)

    Are you using a script you have built or a pre made one to start the site?
    I hear that phpfox is quite nice (off subject I know)

    Good luck!
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    RE: Net

    I understand there are no bests hosts but was wondering if you could direct me to a place where I could search for requirements? Or if you know of any good hosts that specialize in social media with large bandwidth and unlimited storage as well as unlimited members?

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    An idea. Could make a whois on social media pages, and see which hosting provider are working.


    view tab, server stats.
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    You need to look at least at a VPS plan or better (dedicated). Social Media sites require a lot more CPU/memory and bandwidth consumption than the typical average website. A shared host will likely not help you out except maybe to get started in the first month or two.

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    I'd be looking less at resources and more at strategy. If you do envision large growth, you should find something that offers maximum flexibility with negligible downtime.

    Going with a cheap shared host is highly inadvisable as once you outgrow it you're looking at definite downtime to move to anything else, and with a social media site that can be hard to manage (moving static sites without downtime is easy).

    You'd probably be best off with some kind of managed VPS. That way, you can simply upgrade your plan as needed. It's much better to do that than jump straight in with an expensive dedicated server, especially if it takes a while for traffic to pick up — that's money you could have been storing away for later when it's needed.

    If you get to the point where you're outgrowing a large VPS, forget dedicated and look into building a proper multi-server architecture (some hosts will provide this service and manage it). If your social media site is that big, it's only going to get bigger and even dedicated servers have their limits.

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    I'd start a site like this on semi-dedicated/enterprise or managed VPS.
    Grow when needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpmedia View Post
    I'd start a site like this on semi-dedicated/enterprise or managed VPS.
    Grow when needed.
    ^ this ^ , a perfect advise.

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    I would decide what sort of solution you want to use like Elgg, Dolphin or BuddyPress, then look at their recommended hosts.

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