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    WHMCS Addons

    Hi community,
    I want to purchase an addon that requires a WHMCS license key to purchase:

    My question:
    If I purchase reseller hosting with an included WHMCS license, later choosing to purchase my own license, can I then transfer the addon from the reseller's license to my own license?

    Thanks all,

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    Since you own the addon license you should be able to use it with any (1) WHMCS license but I would double check with WHMCS sales just to be sure

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    You should be able to reissue the license inside your WHMCS for the addon in the future. WHMCS team is also very flexible, so I'm pretty sure they would have no problem switching it to your own license later on. But double check with them just to be sure.
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    Thank you, all. Net - sorry about the misclassification.

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    It would be best if you contact whmcs directly and explain your question to them. This you can get a exact answer from there and verify that your plan will work out . There's plenty of times in the past I buy something to use it in the future with something else like you state above and it does not work out.

    I'm not saying anyone here is wrong or right but going through the actual defelopersthen you'll get a much more better answer.

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    Addons can be transfer between lic within the same account, but contact whmcs directly to confirm.

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