Company: tmzVPS
Contact: Daniel Daskaloski - CEO
Address: Wallington, New Jersey, USA
Website: /
Email: [email protected]

tmzVPS Acquires New VPS Web Hosting Provider in the Market, a VPS web hosting company, has recently acquired another VPS web hosting provider in the market. The company bought one of their competitors’ company and assets in the market,, on January 8, 2014. This enables the company serve more of their customers online with the expansion of the business and addition of satisfactory services, regarding VPS web hosting.

tmzVPS continues to build its reputation by extending its services to customers over the web. Its recent acquisition of a competitor’s shows that the company continues to dominate the VPS web hosting market. The company has successfully established itself as a cost-effective solution in the VPS industry.

tmzVPS’s newly acquired company, Ninja Hawk, is also a known provider of affordable virtual private server hosting services in the market. The company is popular in providing users with VPS services at low prices, allowing them to control the users’ VPS successfully and easily. The company is also popular in giving superb technical support to clients.

tmzVPS is popular for providing reliable services to clients, including their affordable hosting packages. The company specializes in giving clients a satisfactory VPS web hosting, which is essential in helping the customers’ websites improve their visibility over the web. The company understands well how vital it is to have an interactive website that drives more traffic online. This is why they offer wide range of hosting packages at affordable prices.

tmzVPS, together with its newly acquired VPS hosting provider, Ninja Hawk, is a very ideal choice for those people and businesses who are familiar with Linux and are searching for hosting services that provides server security, control, privacy and great “always on” uptime assurance.

"We are extremely excited to acquire a company like It gives us a chance to offer more competitive plans to a broader audience. We are confident that this will be a positive outcome for everyone,” quoted by Daniel Daskaloski, CEO of tmzVPS.

Today, people can get all the power and control of their own virtual server for affordable cost. They can maximize the use of their website in generating more traffic over the web, using only less money for their web hosting needs. tmzVPS with Ninja Hawk offers them with reliable web hosting packages that can enable them control and manage their virtual server efficiently.