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    Home made CDN


    Quick question, I have a wordpress site that has allot of graphics like picture albums that is based on our main site - every Monday we get a lot of traffic and would like to speed this site up
    We have caching modules running and all the usual stuff installed

    I have quite a few VPS's and Dedicated servers for other sites I host so servers isn't an issue

    All visitor are from UK

    Is it worth offloading these graphics to a second server set up as a CDN
    I have a plug in that offers FTP sync for the files etc..

    Or would I be better doing all from the same server

    I guess there will be some pro's and con's ie dns lookups etc..


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    Are there other sites on the same server? If not, maybe an Nginx reverse proxy setup might be something to look into.
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    Is there any particular reason you'd want to use a CDN you've made yourself? There are many popular free one's out there such as CloudFlare that you could use, they offer loads of locations as well so it'd speed things up for your visitors?
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    Quote Originally Posted by helix247 View Post
    Are there other sites on the same server? If not, maybe an Nginx reverse proxy setup might be something to look into.
    this would be my recommendation as well if you are planning on using a single node/POP CDN - let nginx handle the static content

    I just dont see the value of a CDN running on a single node

    Why not just use a proper CDN instead? if not, then yeah, look at letting nginx handle your static requests and apache handle your dynamic requests

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    I have just around 8 sites on this server

    I have main site on server 1 on server 2 on server 3
    and was think of on server 4 to handle the gfx,js, and other files

    I have around 4GB of pictures and growing, makes life hell when backing up main site
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    I would also recommend using either CloudFlare or RackSpace for CDN. RackSpace is on the more expensive side, but its probably one of the best CDN around. RackSpace is based on Akamai, so its well worth it.

    But if you want to put something together yourself, Nginx is great for serving static content as cartika-andrew recommended.
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    Nginx nice solution this case. Especially homemade requirements.

    1 dns server (GeoDNS support)
    1 cache server (varnish),
    a few edge server.

    another easy solution from Windows side:

    IIS + ARR (Application Request Routing) and a few edge server.

    CDN design look easy (theoretically) but practically very hard.

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    My issue is my site is around 10gb in size
    Email, main website, video and tons of picture albums
    I was thinking of off loading these across multiple servers ( I have plenty of dedi's and vps's to hand )
    When it comes to backing up locally to the office is massive

    Ive just moved all the video to a separate server and this cut down the demand from the main server

    Was assuming serving all graphics from another would speed up and reduce demand on the one box

    Im also looking into cloud cdn - but all visitors are in UK only

    Cheers all for help and advice

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