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    911 priority. unable to control my server‏

    my new server is online a few minutes a ago with "wholesaleinternet"
    I receive dedicated server detail as follows

    Your new dedicated server is now online. Please find the details below.
    Plan: Dual Xeon 5420
    IPv4 Assignment #1:
    System IP:
    Usable IP Range: 74.91.31.XXX
    Login Credentials:
    Username: ****
    Password: ****

    but with the Login Credentials I received, I am unable use this login credentials to control my server via Microsoft desktop remote control.

    does anyone know how to use this login credentials to log in. The operation system is windows 2008 web

    many thx


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    It would probably be best option for you to contact WholeSaleInternet or have a server management company take a look into this for you.
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    yes but it's weekend. there is no response with open ticket

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    I assume they don't provide IPMI/KVM with the server you ordered?
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    yes I didn't order that

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    Are you using Windows XP?

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    the server is installed with windows 2008 web
    currently I am using os x 10.9

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    They have a 24 hour tech staff. Just login to the client portal and ask tech support for assistance.

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    If your password is wrong, then you have to contact the provider. Nobody can help you here. If you are just unsure on how to login, use RDP on your computer. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    Quote Originally Posted by pang View Post
    Are you using Windows XP?
    What host installs Windows XP on a dedicated server? :/

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    WSI is having some problems as you can see in other threads. Please bare with them for a bit.
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    You have a much better shot of working with their support rather then posting a thread here, especially if it's "new".

    As for how to connect, if your login credentials aren't working when connecting via RDP for example then you'd have to work with them.

    If you don't know how to connect to a Windows server you may want to look into Server Management to help you maintain your server since Wholesale provides Unmanaged solutions.

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    any decent host would have 24x7x7365 so weekend should not be an issue, if it is.. then you need to move host!

    to connect to a windows 2008 web server from a mac, first you need remote desktop. If you have MS Office for mac you'll already have this, if not then you'll need to download it from

    Once open, enter the IP, a login window will appear, enter the Administrator login details.

    FYI, the fact you didn't know how to do this tells me you probably should of got a managed server, as not knowing such basic IT is not the best start to managing a server!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGotzmann View Post
    This is not 911 priority.
    +1 ... why is this even on here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tongmll View Post
    yes but it's weekend. there is no response with open ticket
    I just hope you know what you are doing since they are unmanaged.

    You need to look closely of why you can't connect or get someone to assist you.
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    This forum is turning into BBB of web hosing when it shouldn't be? maybe we need new mods?

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