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    Can Apache backend Nginx VPS use load-balancing?

    I have a CentOS VPS 2.5GB RAM. It's a fully managed one. This VPS is an Apache back end and Nginx front end. It hosted 3 Wordpress sites in 3 different cPanel account. These sites have different traffic.

    I want to know can I use Nginx load-balancing in this server? ( I mean back end Apache VPS can use it)

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    I believe it can.

    You can consult any server admin for that. He will help you more in it.
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    As you are in managed hosting you should ask them, if they can setup for you. As some host do and some dont provide support for NGINX.
    If you have Cpanel there is a plugin as well nginxcp, check that

    But before installing its good if you ask your host for help.

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    Thanks guys your reply. This VPS already installed Nginx frontend and apache backend. I think it's not uses load balancing (when I'm checking nginx configuration file).

    OK I'll contact my hosting company.

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    Nginx load balancing requires few lines of code inside the main nginx.conf file, which handles your entire Nginx config. I myself haven't tested it out, so you would have to test it out.
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