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    Register a domain name for sale in 2024

    I have registered a domain name in .com version in 2012.

    Now, I would like to register for its different versions(.in .org .net .info etc) to plan to sale those new domains after 2020?

    How does this would be working?

    Does it have any disadvantage to my main .com domain?

    Any ideas to make money from other extension(.net .info .org) domain names, if I planned to stop sale idea in future?

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    just buy the domain for 6 + years and when 2020 rolls around put them up for sale. Although i dont really see the point of this?

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    What is your idea behind getting various extensions and then selling them all but one (the .com)? If you keep your business on the .com one, you would just be losing branding opportunities and driving traffic away if you sell the other extensions, especially as you would have the .com for quite some time by then...

    As I don't know your general idea behind this cunning plan, I can only advice - keep all or sell all where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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