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    ★ S p e c i a l s ! ★ 500 Gbps DDoS Protected Offshore Shared Hosting [ Upto 10 Gbps

    AlibabaHost provides freedom of content and speech. Main rules being no childporn, malicious scripts/pages or SPAM on the network, almost all other content is allowed. Abuse and DMCA messages will be forwarded to the client for resolution.

    All our Shared hosting servers run the latest original cPanel and also have multiple useful tools to help you get your website up and running in no time with free seo tools , auto installers and more you can have your site up and running quickly and efficiently.

    Our shared hosting nodes are built with enterprise hardware and never oversold.

    Our Shared hosting servers storage is completely SSD based and we use CloudLinux to allocate resources to each customer. Daily backups are done with Idera (R1Soft) Backups system .

    Our Shared hosting servers are protected by 500 Gbps Anti- DDoS protection and are connected to 10gbps network port.

    500Gbps Anti-DDoS that Works with Any Application
    Every single IP that receives traffic from Internet through Alibabahost may be protected against any type of DDoS attack. A network sensor detects instantly when an attack occurs and redirects traffic in seconds from the affected IP to the mitigation cloud. Redirection stops within minutes after the attack ends.

    Business Benefits
    Avoid service downtime and customer defection Service starts to pay for itself immediately Attract new customers with protected servers A truly affordable and unmatched price for massive protection.

    How it works?
    Alibabahost has sensors to detect attacks everywhere in the network. When a suspicious pattern is detected, traffic toward that IP is redirected for mitigation in the same datacenter Security Cloud. In very rare cases, inbound capacity of a single Security Cloud might be overwhelmed and it triggers automatically a global “hijacking” of the attacked IP in some, if not all Alibabahost Security Clouds. The process of detecting, filtering and hijacking is completely automated and it is so fast that it seems to be in real-time.




    We can give you all of the above AND MORE!
    • 10 Gbps Dedicated Network Port
    • 500Gbps Anti- DDoS Protection
    • RAID10 Protected SSD HDD
    • R1-Soft Backup Protection
    • Cloud Offshore Hosting
    • World-Class SAS 70 Audited Data Center
    • Cisco Full Gig Switches
    • Advanced server hardening
    • Proactive Monitoring with Response
    • FREE Migration & Customizations/Installations included.
    • Cpanel with multiple useful tools and free seo tools
    • 24/7 Live Human customer Care
    • Anytime Money Back Guaranteed
    • 99.9% Uptime Guranteed

    Contents That Are NOT Allowed:
    • Childporn
    • Phishing pages
    • Massive and huge CPU over usage scripts.
    • Email Spam and Bombers
    • BotNet
    • Dos Shells
    • Malwares.

    Our plan details and feature :
    About us :

    100% DDOS protected Linux Hosting Plans :

    Disk Space - 20 GB
    Websites Allowed - 2
    No. of Subdomains - 20
    No. of Databases - 10
    No. of FTP accounts - 20
    No. of Email accounts - 20 ( Spam protected)
    Network Connection - 10 GBPS
    Server Location - Romania
    Anti- DDoS Protection - 500 Gbps Anti- DDoS protection
    HHD - RAID10 Protected SAS HDD
    Backup - R1-Soft Backup Protection
    Price - $6.99/mo

    Disk Space - 50 GB
    Websites Allowed - 4
    No. of Subdomains - 25
    No. of Databases - 25
    No. of FTP accounts - 25
    No. of Email accounts - 25 ( Spam protected)
    Network Connection - 10 GBPS
    Server Location - Romania
    Anti- DDoS Protection - 500 Gbps Anti- DDoS protection
    HHD - RAID10 Protected SAS HDD
    Backup - R1-Soft Backup Protection
    Price - $8.99/mo

    Some pre-sales questions :

    Q. It really stops any attack?
    Ans : Yes, it does. If someone figures out how to crack it, we will know in seconds and our security team will update the algorithms immediately.

    Q. Will latency increase during an attack?
    Ans : No. Your service is delivered in the same building where we operate a Security Cloud.

    Q. Why to chose alibabahost dedicated servers ?
    Ans : All of our dedicated servers are backed up with our professional tech support team. You can rest assure that you will be in a good hands with us and will always strive to exceed your expectations.

    Q. Which payment methods are allowed ?
    Ans : We accept below payment options : Paypal, Payza ( Alertpay), Skrill ( Moneybooker), Webmoney, Perfectmoney, Western union, Bank Transfer.

    Q. I am coming from another host but what about my old data ?
    Ans : We know it may not be easy coming from one host to another. That is why we exclusively offers a free website transfer service .We will be happy to help you transfer all your websites and accounts to our servers free of charge.

    Q. Is my personal data secure ?
    Ans : We will never Share your information to third parties.We provide additional privacy solutions.We always care for our customers because they are most important to us.

    Please visit following link to know all our Shared Hosting offers with server details :

    If you have any query regarding our services you can email us at [email protected] or want to talk with any real person to solve your queries please call us on :

    USA (001)3477-32-52-52
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