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    Answering Service

    Does anyone know any good 1-800 anwsering service companies that has affordable price's

    i'm looking for the kind that will pick the phone up 24/7
    provide an 1-800 number for clients to call
    an that will have 100+ operators available

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    Not sure if it is what you are looking for but is pretty good - they take messages and email it to you. If you set the email to your support team's inbox then your operators will be able to give the customer a call back, or even drop them an email in regards to their query.

    I have used this in the past for other projects.
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    I've tried out AnswerAmerica and been happy. You can set it up so it is like phone support where the messages go to your support team and can be answered by them.

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    We've been using BobCares for years and are happy with them. They have a high level of service excellence.

    Would recommend them to you.
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    oh kewl bobcares is exactly what I've been looking for thanks so much

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