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    * Newb Question About Ram/Cache Usage

    Hi all,

    I've been experiencing a number of issues with slow loading/failed loading, especially in the admin area. I was told this was because something on my server was using an enormous amount of memory.

    I went with that and have tried to sort out the problem. The memory is showing up as being used by the cache. Now tonight I stumbled on an article that said this is a GOOD thing.

    I'm attaching a pic of what Munin is showing & the readout free -m gives me. Is this relatively normal?

    Thank you
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    Are you running any 3rd party caching application on your server?
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    Xcache had been loading. I eliminated it from starting up and restarted apache. I'm getting pretty much the same result. It creeps up & up - then stays there unless I reboot the server. It jumps up & stays there if any instance of BackupBuddy runs.

    The only other cache plugins are on WordPress installs. W3 Total Cache and Quick Cache. Only on a few sites though.

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    Your memory usage looks to be fine. I'm going to assume it is a different issue, is this OpenVZ? I ask because you don't have swap enabled.

    If it is OpenVZ, paste the output of 'cat /proc/user_beancounters'.

    Your actual RAM usage according to the free output is 960MB. All the other RAM is being used for cache which is a good thing, as you read, because this will help increase the performance of your server as items in the cache (RAM) are going to be served much quicker than items on the disk.

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    I'm not sure. I'm using WHM on my end. I know I was told that swap was not part of the template they use for my VPS - if that makes any sense. I know that because I asked about why the swap indicator in CPanel shows that it's maxed out a lot. I was told it was nothing to worry about it due to the template thing.

    I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but that was the gist of the convo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devonblzx View Post
    If it is OpenVZ, paste the output of 'cat /proc/user_beancounters'.
    This. You're using less than a third of your total memory - having no swap shouldn't be an issue. However OpenVZ systems can do some weird things at times, even the newer ones, and the beancounters remains by far the best indication of what's really going on.

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    Thanks folks. Much appreciated.

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