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    Need a simple photo gallery

    Greetings All;
    I have just now posted my first website, it is dedicated to a hobby of mine "HDR Photography"!
    At present I place images on the front page which is great, however as the number of new images get installed it will slow down the loading of the site. I therefor want to set up a separate area where I can move the oldest images too, for viewing.
    I am running WordPress so maybe a plug-in might work well, however I have limited skills so I want the setting up and administration of the gallery to be as easy as possible.

    My website is:

    Thank you all for your assistance.

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    see on there are lot of galleries.

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    Thank you all for the links, it is much appreciated.

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    I want to update what has happened in my attempt to load a Plug in for a slide show. The answer is I could not get any one of them to work, maybe I am just stupid or ???. I want/need a basic Slide Show where I can load archived images to and have them available for viewing.
    Problems, Problems !

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    I just coded three professional photography websites, I can tell you that the nextgen plugin is amazing and easy to use :-P Have a great day!
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