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    Offering 100k+ in website traffic! Geo and Niche targeting included! is offering website traffic! We provide quality traffic that can be targeted to your needs. Choose a country, choose a niche and bam! Your website will be brimming in traffic that is specifically designed for you!

    All orders are subject to a fraud check. We use a service called Maxmind which checks each order to make sure no fraud takes place. Orders over $50 require verification. If you are marked as fraud and you feel this is not correct please submit a ticket.

    Website Traffic

    We deliver your ads with precision targeting, reaching the audiences that best fit your needs. Our GEO targeting and category targeted ads are delivered through a patented pop-under script that can bypass 99% of all pop-up blockers online today to ensure your ads are seen and noticed! No other provider can make this claim...

    What You Get!
    * Fast Start Time & Delivery
    * Superior Targeting
    * Real-Time Stats
    * FREE GEO Targeting
    * FREE Niche Targeting
    * Alexa Traffic - Upon Request
    * Adult Traffic - Upon Request

    5,000 Website Visitors - Order Now! - $20.00
    10,000 Website Visitors - Order Now! - $30.00
    15,000 Website Visitors - Order Now! - $45.00
    25,000 Website Visitors - Order Now! - $75.00
    50,000 Website Visitors - Order Now! - $135.00
    75,000 Website Visitors - Order Now! - $215.00
    100,000 Website Visitors - Order Now! - $270.00

    For larger packages please submit a ticket!

    Other Services

    Facebook Fans (Worldwide, USA)
    Twitter Followers
    YouTube Views
    Blog Comments - DoFollow
    SEO Website Audits
    The Vanguard Project - New Science Fiction/Fantasy novel! Check it out!

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    Hello Please tell me your traffic source

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    Our supplier's network owns and operates many well-known internet websites. Our supplier's current portfolio consist of over 8500 websites internet wide, including 3 established search engines, 2 internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites, and a well known domain registrar which currently hosts over 9700 ad supported websites (expired domain traffic). Our supplier's network currently consists of 60% pop-under traffic, 30% interstitial traffic and 10% expired domain traffic.

    However, we have suspended these services till further notice. We are going through a restructure.
    The Vanguard Project - New Science Fiction/Fantasy novel! Check it out!

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    If I need the 100 NICHE Links on 'LEGAL' category what you will charge me? Please disclose your rate for 100 NICHE LINKS.

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