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    Looking for System Administrators

    SingleHop is located in the River North area of Chicago and offers a casual work environment, frequent catered lunches, paid holidays, company events such as rooftop BBQs or offsite meetings at local breweries, and free snacks and beverages.

    Our Senior System Administrators are the end-line of support for all issues within the company. They are responsible for complex client issues, setups, internal servers, securing servers as well as maintaining the overall satisfaction of our clients by ensuring that issues are handled to the level of quality that is expected of SingleHop.

    Senior System Administrators should be well versed in trending technologies, past technologies and assisting clients with implementing changes on their setups to grow with increased traffic. Some examples would be high availability clustering, SQL replication, message queuing systems and fringe technologies such as Cassandra. A Senior System Administrator needs to be well versed in diagnosing complex issues to resolve them with as minimal downtime as possible. They are also responsible for assisting Team Leaders in training them on complex tasks, assisting the rest of the team in engineering solutions for complex requirements and assisting with RFQ/RFH with the sales department.

    Qualified candidates will be responsible for the following:
    Building and configuring complex solutions supporting high availability which are also scalable
    Diagnosing, optimizing and correcting SQL replication as well as servers
    Maintaining and deploying load balancing in One-arm, Two-arm and DSR setups
    Managing shared and replicated storage solutions (SAN, NAS, DFS)
    Assist development team in optimizing, upgrading and correcting internal server issues
    Experience with mitigating Denial of Service attacks, Brute-forcing attempts as well as securing servers/networks to mitigate possibility
    Assist with the setup and deployment of PCI/HIPPA compilant solutions
    Monitoring hardware and software remotely, providing alerts as necessary
    On-Call support for issues off-hour that Team Leaders are unable to resolve
    Assisting development team with scripting to automate server-related tasks i.e BASH, Perl, PowerShell

    Qualified candidates should have:
    Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience
    5+ years experience with Linux
    Leadership experience
    Automation experience utilizing common languages
    Experience fine-tuning firewalls such as iptables and/or Cisco ASA
    Strong knowledge of a linux subsystem
    o Utilizing strace/gdb to diagnose issues
    o Strong understanding of configuring and optimizing various technologies utilizing various analysis tools
    o Isolating and identifying reasons for misbehaving setups
    o Experience utilizing bug trackers and patching
    o File system concepts (inode, paging, swapping, clustering, logical partitions, etc)
    Experience with virtualization technologies (kvm,xen,hyper-v)
    Strong experience with web hosting control panels (CPanel/Plesk)
    Strong experience with most common protocols/daemons HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP, etc.
    Experience with high availability environments (Hardware/software load balancing, SQL replication, failover, DRBD, heartbeat etc)
    Ability to isolate and correct complex issues with minimal downtime. You must be able to diagnose and correct extremely complex issues with minimal reliance on others
    Good communication skills as well as the ability to assist and lead with Team Leaders
    Must be comfortable in self-managed and team tasks
    Windows experience is always a plus

    Qualified candidates are not required but preferred to have experience in the following:
    Knowledge of web acceleration technologies such as nginx, lighttpd, varnish and php caching engines
    Advance shell scripting, we utilize BASH/Perl/Powershell to automate various tasks to reduce necessity of intervention
    Windows server management
    Windows clustering
    Networking experience

    For Consideration:
    Please submit your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. No calls please.
    This is a Chicago-based, full time role.
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    Is this is a remote position?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mveer View Post

    Is this is a remote position?

    The description already answers that question:

    This is a Chicago-based, full time role.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rackgeek View Post
    The description already answers that question:
    It would be great if these damn people learned to read..
    simplywww: directadmin and cpanel hosting that will rock your socks
    Need some work done in a datacenter in the NYC area? NYC Remote Hands can do it.

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