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    Does UNIXy cPanel Varnish+Nginx Script work for Wordpress/WooCommerce?


    I have a few questions about UNIXy's cPanel Varnish+Nginx Script, if someone who is knowledgeable about the script may help.

    Firstly, are the settings in UNIXy's script optimized for Wordpress and WooCommerce websites? If not, will we have to configure Nginx/Varnish ourselves?

    Secondly, I'm a noob at this so don't laugh but... does this replace Apache or does it run on top of Apache? Meaning, will the script run Nginx+Varnish on top or will it convert my server from Apache to Nginx? Also, I already have Varnish installed (although I'm not sure I did it correctly) -- do I need to uninstall Varnish before getting the plugin?


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    it works well with wordpress/woocommerce.
    it does not replace ur apache.

    if you have installed varnish, then it's already working.
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