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    I have been with for 3 years and in general havent had any problems. I was on the 2.75 "unlimited" plan and the service was generally good for the price with reasonable response times to support request etc.

    Things went downhill when they upgraded me to plesk 11, all my domains were split into "subscriptions" which i hated, the ability to add new domains at top level was removed from me, i would add a domain and upload via ftp then use my browser to connect to the page and get a default page. Domains were pointing to different directories than they should be.

    After several days of this i got really frustrated and asked to change me to cpanel which they also offer, this request was refused, they wanted me to order a new account with them, transfer everything manually, then cancel my old account, i.e. pay them money and spend my time fixing problems they created for me with their upgrade to plesk 11.

    The attitude of the support today was disgusting, as a customer of 3 years hosting one site and a few domains and barely using any bandwidth, surely it would have been sensible to do the transfer to cpanel for me and retain a customer?

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    Before upgrading to Plesk 11, were you using the lower version of Plesk or some other control panel?
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    I would think it would be too time consuming to transfer a whole account across control panel, thus making the ROI for the time they spend to move one account is not feasible for their operations. Not sure how big this company is, but if they do it for you, they would need to be able to do it for hundreds or thousands more like you, one by one.

    The fastest thing is to move it yourself as it would save a lot of wasted energy getting frustration on "waiting" on them to move it for you.
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