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    * How to remove 10GBASE-CX4 connector with broken latch?


    So I have an issue where I have a 10GBASE-CX4 connector where the latch is broken on both ends. One end the latch is completely broken off, and on the other end.. no matter how hard you pull the latch does not release the connection.

    Tried googling for something but all I find are web stores. Has anyone else ran into this issue?

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    So using a ultra small precision flat head, a paper clip, and a flashlight I was able to get the connections off.

    1. Used the precision flat head to pry the metal prong open that lock into place.

    2. used a paper clip to keep the prong open so I can use the precision flat head on the other prong.

    3. Used the flashlight to see everything .

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    Do you have before and after pics?
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