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    Suggest for Siteground or Wiredtree for Joomla Site with 1.5 Lakh users pm


    Am considering 2 options for Joomla based site with close to 1,50,000 visitors with 3,00,000 page views :-

    - Siteground Cloud Hosting - 2x 2.0GHz CPU, 1512MB DDR3 RAM, 60GB Disk Space, 2TB Bandwidth
    - Wired Tree Pure SSD VPS with Lite Server (dont know still how compatible will it be with Joomla - as our present one on Apache)
    2048MB Guaranteed RAM, 40GB Pure SSD Space, CPU Priority: x2,
    4000GB Bandwidth

    Pricing - Substantial Difference. Siteground @ 89 USD. While Wiredtree with Lite-Speed Web Server - around 65 USD

    But as our 85% traffic is Indian traffic -
    Siteground has Asian Server in Singapore
    Wiredtree has US Server

    Moreover - across all joomla forum - Siteground is referred as more Joomla specific

    Is there any advantage with Wiredtree SSD with Litespeed (which is untested - how will the extension perform) apart from costing !!

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    WiredTree plan is more attractive.

    Singapore is definitely a plus point for India. You can check US west cost for other alternatives.
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    I'll drop it simple: Short answer -> WiredTree is your choice.

    Long answer ------>

    SiteGround if:
    -You like to not have control over anything and pay that steep price.
    -Imagine their vps being a reseller, nothing more. Don't expect anymore.
    -->But think it twice, the above will cause you to drop more cash for everything extra. I really mean it, when I say that is just a reseller, hell is even more restricted than a reseller (no ssl setup). You can't even setup your host name. You can't even compile your own apache and php. You cannot install a different web server, etc etc is a nightmare. They will charge you per hour (80/90$) for just compiling that **** with EasyApache, who doesn't know how to do that?

    You cannot verify your logs.
    You cannot see how the vps is configured.
    You cannot check CSF.
    You cannot ,... is easier if I just say->You can just host your website without the freedom of a Cloud VPS. Yeah I know, no common sense there. They should relabel the service as cloud shared hosting?
    Why would you trust those people security settings? You cannot even see the settings.
    -->They won't automatically apply cpanel updates to your vps instance. You cannot either. That's what they call managed VPS.

    Now I won't say don't go with them... Is your choice, I mean...

    They are known for being active with Joomla, the events, bug squashing, etc.. And they are always around via chat, they seem quite responsive.

    As for WiredTree,

    These people are premium, the premium of the premium. The price is well backed up by their support and features. If your business depend on your hosting, go with them, you will not find anything better.

    WT = VPS + Freedom + Managed + Great Support ~ Budget well spent.

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    Since 85% is India traffic, It is always recommended to host somewhere in SEA region.
    Singapore consider hub to SEA, you can consider this location. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
    Hosting Services Available in the USA ● Germany ● Malaysia ● Singapore and Hong Kong

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    thanks Yaghost & HRR1963, for your views
    Thanks ControlVM - we tested latency speed from Asia & Wiredtree - its around 110 ms with Asian server & around 270 ms for Wiredtree server

    As per wiretree configuration page - Lite speed server is a major performance booster. Unsure - what difference does it make over Apache - how much gain and comptability does it has .

    May be a test server for a week on lite speed can only give in results - let me have a word with wiredtree, if it really has an impact - may be Wiredtree could be the pick then

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    I used WiredTree's managed 1GB SSD VPS plan for a little over a year and never had an issue. Got a lot of free upgrades throughout my time with them too, such as extra disk space, more bandwidth, extra free IPs.
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    I was using a WiredTree SSD plan with Litespeed. I host about 15 sites: 6 are WordPress blogs and the others are custom PHP and/or very simple HTML.

    WiredTree didn't work out for me. There were too many unexplained PHP crashes and memory issues. All sites that required PHP would be completely unavailable until WT did "something" to reset the server. They recommended more memory, then more, then more, and then finally said I had too much memory allocated to PHP so they started over again. They were always fast to respond, but because they didn't escalate the issue well, the problem continued intermittently for 3 months.

    Even after I switched back to plain old Apache, the problems continued.

    These sites are pretty low volume: The most active site averages less than 50K hits per day.

    For Litespeed versus Apache, the only compatibility issue I could identify was that users with a particular IE version 8 configuration couldn't open any PDF documents. One of my oldest base clients relies heavily on that browser for internal record keeping, so I switched back to Apache. Instead of figuring out what needed to change since Litespeed is supposed to be fully compatible, WT and Litespeed could only recommend that I tell the users to upgrade to a different version of IE.

    I switched to KnownHost and am very satisfied. They, too, had some configuration tweaks to do at the beginning. My comments about them are posted on their forum. The sites have all been up 100% since I switched back in November.

    Just this morning, as I'm working on 2013 tax reports, I'm reminded that WiredTree refused to refund the unused portion of the pre-paid hosting fees. They offered a WiredTree credit, but that does me no good at all. They said they couldn't refund because of their credit card processing rules. They apparently couldn't write a check, either. My CPA loves tax deductions: Personally, I prefer to hang on to the cash.

    I agree that WiredTree has some pretty great reviews. For me, though, they just didn't work out.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks Andrew for the key insights. It atleast made me up to decide, if at all :-
    > to pay up in advance of a year of hosting
    > Litespeed Server issue

    Thanks, Appreciate your time to pen down your experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewinhouston View Post
    I was using a WiredTree SSD plan with Litespeed. I host about 15 sites: 6 are WordPress blogs and the others are custom PHP and/or very simple HTML.
    I am sorry that we didn't work out of for you as a hosting company Andrew. Without knowing your specific account or ticket ID, it sounds like the unexplained PHP and memory issues were most likely related to the very high php memory limits being set. Under concurrent traffic this could cause you to far exceed your memory allocation which would then result in an OOM (out of memory) process kills. This would be expected in any VPS where this situation occurs. You can imagine how easy it would be to run out of memory if someone is setting a 256MB memory limit per PHP process and the server has to deal with just a few thousand visitors in a day.

    In regards to a refunds, we do state in the terms that there are no refunds and that all sales are final. We also only charge month to month by default. If would be happy to communicate with you on this topic as well once we have a Ticket ID from you.

    I would really like to receive a Ticket ID so that I could look into the problem further for you. Even if you are no longer a client, it's important that we make sure your situation was handled properly at the time.

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    Thanks for the reply. The bigger issue was that your support team didn't seem to have the ability to work on an intermittent issue spanning days between occurrences. Instead, they gradually increased memory allocation, then reduced it, and then started again, apparently not reading the history of the ticket. When the last suggestion to increase memory was brought up, I started looking for a different hosting provider.

    I understand your position on the refund, but I don't think it is reasonable. For the entire time I was with WiredTree, I was experiencing the issues. And by way of clarification, I hadn't even migrated my largest client since the errors were apparent before adding the load of their site to the server. I should have gone with monthly billing and I wouldn't be complaining about this now.

    The last ticket, for the cancellation, was #IJJ-849406.


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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewinhouston View Post
    Instead, they gradually increased memory allocation, then reduced it, and then started again, apparently not reading the history of the ticket. When the last suggestion to increase memory was brought up, I started looking for a different hosting provider.
    Thank you very much for your reply Andrew and for the ticket ID. From what you wrote, it sounds like our staff were doing everything possible to keep you in your current plan and work around the issue when they should have recommended adding memory from the start. I will go ahead and take a good look through the related ticket. If you don't mind, I will most likely contact you and let you know my assessment of situation. We always value feedback.

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    No problem, and I don't mind you contacting me again. Regarding the memory, though, I've been running on the new server all this time without a single blip and exactly the same amount of total memory available, but generally using less than 40% of it. And all of my clients have been migrated, including the largest.

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