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    Intel Xeon E3-1270 3.4Ghz + HT ♦ 16GB RAM ♦ 1TB ♦ PREMIUM Equinix NY2 DC ♦ $84/MONTH

    Fluid Hosting was formed in 2001 with the mission to provide high quality, scalable web hosting solutions. To provide our customers with top notch network reliability, we have selected InterNAP to be our main data center. InterNAP provides a unique and intelligent architecture that ensures redundancy and optimum performance with NINE major providers.

    Some of InterNAP's other clients include: Lycos, NASDAQ, PC World, Datek Online, Colgate, Travelocity, Sierra. As you see, many of the world leaders in IT and financial industry also agree that InterNAP provides the best connectivity for their business presence on the Internet.

    > Located within the premium location of Equinix NY2
    > 24/7 Technical support
    > 12 Hour deployment
    > APC Management (Reboot, power on and power off)
    > Network Uptime SLA
    > Within 12 hour hardware replacement guarantee
    > Fluid Hosting LLC has been established for more than 12 years
    > Unmanaged support

    Dell PE R210 II
    CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270 3.4GHz with Hyperthreading
    Memory: 16 GB
    HDD: 1TB 7200 RPM SATA
    Bandwidth: 30 TB (100 Mbps unmetered) or 10 TB (1 Gbps burstable)
    IP Address: 1
    OS: Unix or Windows

    Price [LIMITED TIME OFFER + SETUP FEE WAIVED]: $84 recurring per month.

    > Click here to order now!


    Just some Fluid Hosting reviews:

    Very Good Host; Highly Recommend
    Seamless migration & fast support answer
    4 month review
    billing support and fast plan move
    Amazing support, recommend to anyone

    Click here to contact us.
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    Fluid Hosting LLC providing specialist hosting services since early 2001.
    Hsphere Hosting and Dedicated Server specialists in Equinix NY2 and NY4.

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    Is it possible to upgrade the HDD of the above servers.
    2 X 240GB SSD or 2 X 600 SAS

    And what is the maximum no of Ip's (IPBlocks)Can be allotted on this server , after providing proper justification details.


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