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    UK Managed VPS Needed

    Hi All

    I Need A UK located Managed VPS with a control panel.
    I will also consider Some Europe based VPS


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    What is your budget? RAM, disk space, bandwidth etc?

    - Daniel

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    That was much faster then your tickets

    About $20-$30
    I need at least 1GB ram
    Control panel
    I need the speed not the space so I'm flexible on the rest.

    You should also look at your tickets.

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    Well you are on the lower side of entry level managed VPS with cPanel. Most I see start at around $30 with cPanel at the specs you mention. You will probably pay no less than $30 for what you need.
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    I going with the assumption there will be some offers on,
    VPS must be cheaper then what they have been.

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    You can save money by going with free control panel like ISPConfig if you have limited budget.
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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    You can save money by going with free control panel like ISPConfig if you have limited budget.
    Yeah, But I would rather user a paid CP which I can use like Inerworx or cpanel.

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    Managed vps with cpanel and WHM should run you around anything from $25 to about $50 and above. Take into consideration all hosts have different management polices some cover certain aspects of managing the server while others don't.

    Be sure before choosing any host to do research on them before signing up.

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    1,641 is a very good company. Maybe see if they have some offer, and they have servers in the UK.
    Used them for 18 months now, and I'm very happy.
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    I too can vouch for Soladrive. Have our ups and downs about ddos with John which is great BTW on his support :-)

    I only talk to John as he understands and doesnt copy and paste replies like other company supports does.

    Im coming back to you John like I promise. Will message you about a day or two as im in overseas now.

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    You might just about be able to get your specs for around $30 if using a promotion or even by just contacting the providers your interested in and asking them for a custom quote.
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    Be aware that DC space and in particular power costs are much more expensive in UK than US. You will need to significantly increase your budget for that sort of spec. on a proper fully managed VPS in the UK.

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    Up your budget slightly and go with FutureHosting.....well worth it.

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    best country for network connection and speed at this movement is Netherlands Holland
    best regards
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