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    SolusVM Xen HVM Slave Setup


    I'm looking for an individual to setup a Xen HVM slave node for SolusVM. I've never done this before correctly and haven't had much time recently to play around with it and make sure it's right. If any management companies are willing to do this, feel free to offer or send me a message, however I'd like to have a brief overview of what is being done in the process for future reference.

    - Mike
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    You might want to check these guys out.. SolusVM staff recommend them all the time.. so they must have some sort of partnership or be good at it.

    I personally have never used them.. but sent in an inquiry on which I got a pretty detailed and quick response.
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    Hello Mike,

    I'm more than happy to assist you. I just sent you a PM. Kindly check it!

    Thank you
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    Drop us an email if you have any questions, we've consulted for over 100 VPS companies (Most right here on WHT!) so my team will look after you

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    Hi, we can help you out with this if you still need help. We have more then 9 years of experience. You can contact us via Live Chat on our website, Skype LayerHosting, or email support[at]layersolutions[dot]net. Thanks
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    I can setup slave node for you
    My contacts in profile

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