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    Thumbs up Cliff Support Review

    We hired Cliff Support to help set up a new server with some specific requirements that a lot of companies said couldn't be done. We usually get our work done by our own techs but had to use an outsource partner on this occasion.

    From the initial contact they offered us a fantastic price for the work which pretty much secured the deal with us.

    They didn't request anything upfront from us, and started on the work. Within around 4 hours the bulk of the work was done, and I was kept updated at each item being added or deployed on the servers. They even did a little extra work on another server we own.

    Probably the best thing about this company is their response times. I have a manager available on skype and my emails are answered within minutes.

    I dont usually post reviews on here but honestly have been so impressed that I had to write one up for them.

    Great work guys and we will most certainly be using you again soon.
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    I think feedback is one of the most important criterias for any company that works as hoster, registrator or other.

    Even price not so crucial, as feedback. So, if this real situation, this company is very good I think.

    Hope you will have just a positive experience during mutual work.

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    Thank you very much for taking time to review us. It is always a great feeling when some one gets appreciation for their effort. I will definitely pass this appreciation to the admin who had been dealing with this issue. And this is definitely an encouragement to do more to have a very satisfied clientele. Each review adds more responsibility to us; we will try our best to keep the expectation level as always. Once again thanks for the review.
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