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    question about cloudflare

    Hi guys
    i have a question i have vps client he bought the vps from me and after a few days i got ticket from the datacenter they want me to delete the vps asap Because of canal+ Complaint so i bought another vps from russian and it's good really no tickets no dmca no rules

    so i'm thinking to transfer the vps again to my node and use the cloudflare to hide the ip address is this will works for them ,?

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    Post Hi,

    Just to be clear...we're not an IP protection/hiding service per se. While basic lookups will terminate on our IPs, that is really a byproduct of switching to our service. It would also not stop us from responding to things like DMCA complaints that we may receive against a domain.
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    The fact is that you should resolve abuse issues regardless of where your servers are located. Bad ip reputation can affect your other customers and not suspending abusive accounts just makes you a target for snowshoe spam gangs and the like.
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    simply dont hide and dont maintain anything abusive
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