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    Getting into responsive design ... help requested

    I am in need of brushing up on my web design skills just to see what is out there. I see really cool things out there these days, responsive sites being one of them. I would like to build around an already utilized, simple to use system that is out there. Do you all have any recommendations? I've been thinking about going with wordpress, but I'm just not sure. I'll be using whatever I come up with for sites for clients, so I'd like to start out with something great.

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    You may want to take a look at bootstrap ( it is a responsive framework that can be used to create a website.

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    There are themes and you can get one designed for yourself in WP which is responsive to screen size/ resolution.
    It depends a lot about what it required/ you want!

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    WP and Bootstrap

    I guess it would be a nice combination to use WP and Bootstrap. Would you recommend to combine them?

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    Responsive is very useful in modern design. Before trying a responsive WordPress theme, try to code a simple HTML responsive template/page.

    There are lots of good responsive design tutorials.
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    Try using few of these themes

    Click on some themes and do view source
    You will learn a lot
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    If you want to learn how to do responsive websites, I would take the above suggestion of designing a basic HTML page and then making that responsive. If you are looking to get into WordPress development that is another animal in itself. You could purchase a responsive theme and learn how to start with CSS modifications. I just created three responsive WordPress themes from scratch this month. While my clients are understandably happy with the end product doing the first couple of new themes required a new mindset. This is having a CSS background. One of the biggest challenges is wrapping your mind around percentages instead of pixels. I also used JQuery to do the resizing. So your going to have to know the following: HTML, PHP, WordPress (or dive into Codex), CSS, Jquery and then put those together to form a nice responsive template. Hope that helps you get started in the right direction.
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    I final created a simple wordpress template by myself which is based on bootstrap. I'm very happy with the results so far. Only disadvantage is that I had to modify some files in the folder wp-includes (e.g. to adjust the buttons for bootstrap). It was not possible to pass over the variables in the function. the class attribute wasn't even there So I guess I have to change some files back if I upgrade wordpress...

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    @MarcoFox - look into child themes. that will help tons for upgrades apparently!

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    For those of you who were wondering what exactly what is meant by responsive design:

    (I had a question myself :-)
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    RE: Getting into responsive design ... help requested

    Hey Mate! Donít panic, you just need to visit Google and type free responsive WordPress theme and thereíll be plenty of sources from where you can easily download your best fits within few clicks. If you donít want to go through all this process then you can directly visit these websites, or as well. I damn sure you need not have to visit any other sources after downloading themes from these sources.

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    You can use actions and filters to change the default class so it match bootstrap classes.

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    Adding Bootstrap or any other responsive frameworks is relatively simple. Myself I created a base theme using HTML5 Boilerplate and integrated it with bootstrap so it gives me a nice starting point for any new theme.

    If anyone is interested in this I could post a link to download it, it comes ready with the basic default layout of bootstrap, and it also uses a custom navwalker function (this is so you can create the menu within the admin panel like any other theme) for use with bootstrap menus. You could alternatively use html in the theme.

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