OakHosting.NET offers solid, reliable shared hosting - with a real focus on top quality support. Our packages are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive - we aren't competing on price. Instead we offer a very affordable quality service.

Here are the details. I'll start with some of the reviews and comments we've had from happy customers over the years…

OakHosting.NET: What they say about us…
  • "very pro-active in keeping things right and up to date" (on WHT)
  • "They can solve my problems and answer my questions, quickly and efficiently" (on HostJury)
  • "OakHosting's excellent services are amazingly affordable. … We have no complaints, and lots of respect for OakHosting." (on WHT)
  • "very personal and flexible with my needs, ... they don't treat you like you are just another contract number" (on Drupal.org)
  • "@OakHosting I'm a happy customer." (on Twitter)
  • "the speed of viewing my hosted website is always quick and they are always very professional and helpful to all my queries regardless of myself being new to the web." (on WHT)
  • "I have served as "webmaster" for several organizations with several different hosting companies. I have never experienced the kind of customer service from them that I have received at OakHosting." (on WHT)


OakHosting.NET: Ideal for…

OakHosting.NET is a shared hosting provider specialising in the needs of
  • charities
  • churches
  • and individuals.

We are also ideal for
  • small to medium size businesses wanting to build a simple web presence that they can rely on.


OakHosting.NET: What sets us apart…

We aim to provide hosting that is
  • affordable (because these kinds of customer often do not have large budgets - and affordable is not the same thing as "cheap"),
  • yet reliable (because slow loading times are frustrating),
  • and that offers personal service.

We achieve this by deliberately operating on a small scale. Our aim is not to have as many clients as possible, but to provide a reliable service for a few.

Lots of hosting providers offer a large amount of space. Whilst their prices are reasonable, those who don't need the extra space find it costs more than they want to pay. Our plans start deliberately small, so that those who are just starting up can have hosting that they can afford.

We only host on quality servers with fast disk arrays. We've just commissioned a new server, which is our most highly-specified yet.

We have been offering hosting for nearly 3 years. Whilst this means we are still relatively new on the stage, many hosts start up and then close down within a year. We've been around long enough that you can have confidence that our business model is sustainable and that we are here to stay.

You can read about what sets us apart, and why we think you should choose us, at our "why us?" page.


OakHosting.NET: Promotions

We don't always run special offers, because we believe our regular prices offer excellent value for the high quality of service you receive. However, for at least one week from the date of this post, we have 3 promotions. More details at our shared promotions page

  • Use code 25month1 to get 25% off your first payment when paying monthly.
  • Use code Annual10 to get £10 (recurring) off the usual annual prices.
  • Use code 10forever to get 10% (recurring) off for the lifetime of your package, with any future upgrades included.

These promotions only apply to our shared packages, and are for new clients only.


OakHosting.NET: Drupal a speciality…

Many of our customers host Drupal sites with us. We've set up our hosting environment to work optimally with Drupal. We offer a jailed SSH shell for those who need it, and have Git and Drush pre-installed for those who like to manage Drupal from the command line. We understand Drupal, and will try to help where we can. (Of course, there are lots of other uses for our hosting too - Wordpress is very popular - but we specialise in Drupal).


OakHosting.NET: Our shared hosting packages…

We have 3 choices for shared, more details at our shared packages page:

The limits we set for CPU / RAM / Disk IO are amongst the most generous in the industry. But if you need to site to go even faster, you can boost these limits for just £2 per month!

All packages can be signed up in the equivalent sums in US Dollars or Euros if you prefer.

Whilst our shared packages suit most people's needs, we also offer something smaller and something with more resource

  • Starter Package:
    (no MySQL): 100 MB storage.
    £3 per quarter or £10/year
    Click to order
  • Premium Hosting:
    The power of a VPS, with the fully managed interface of shared hosting. Providing you with an upgrade path if your site grows.
    Prices start at £35 per month
    Click for more information


OakHosting.NET: Some reasons to host with us:

Here are some of the things you get if you host with us:
  • We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee if you change your mind for any reason (premium packages excluded).
  • Pay by card, or use PayPal as an intermediary if you prefer.
  • After the 30 days, you can still cancel and get most of the unused money back.
  • We use Apache 2.4, which has far better performance than Apache 2.2.
  • Generous resource limits through CloudLinux, with the option to boost further if you need it.
  • We use Percona for our database engine. From your perspective, indistinguishable from vanilla MySQL. At the backend, there are serious performance improvements and configuration options for us.
  • We use the popular cPanel control panel for all its features and to make it easy to migrate your site to / from our services.
  • We offer free migration for all new accounts.
  • We take a nightly backup of all accounts, and store them on a different network
  • All packages that come with MySQL databases also have Softaculous, allowing you to install over 300 different scripts with a few clicks.
  • We run the latest version of PHP 5.4, but you can use PHP 5.3 (for those running legacy applications that still need this) or PHP 5.5 (if you want to try using the latest and best version of PHP).
  • We are an official partner of Cloud Flare, which means you can use their CDN to serve up your site, benefitting from caching and security filtering as well.
  • We run Varnish Cache, so that static resources like images and CSS files can be served up quickly.


Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in this discussion thread, or visit our website to ask us a question. We pride ourselves in personal service, so would love to hear from you so that we can see how we can help.